2009 ICSC U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference

October 12, 2009


URL:   http://www.icsc.org/index.php

Attachment:   2009_ICSC_Law_Conference.pdf

This annual conference on October 21-24, 2009, with expected attendance of over 1500 legal professionals will feature more than 50 programs on subjects such as “TARP & Other Federal Bailout Programs”, “Fishing for Distressed Assets in Stormy Waters”, “The Art of Negotiation”, and “The Current Commercial Lending Market.”

Mr. Trainor will serve as a panelist for the “Real Property Insurance: Current Topics, Sample Clauses and Checklists” Session. The panel will discuss the role of insurance in transferring risk in real estate transactions; the relationships among real estate owners, tenants and insurance brokers; insurance provisions commonly found in commercial leases and recent trends and market conditions in the insurance industry that affect commercial real estate.