Tverberg V. Fillner Revisited (Again) -- (General Contractor Liability Times Four!)

Gary Funamura authors article on the continuing saga of Tverberg v. Fillner Construction (Tverberg II). [read more]

April 12, 2012

Dollars to Doughnuts, Exculpatory Clauses in Commercial Leases are a Good Bet

Alison Geddes and Candy Harper author article on the importance of exculpatory clauses in commercial leases.[read more]

March 06, 2012

Are You Ready for the Overhaul of California's Lien and Construction Laws?

Gary Funamura authors article on changes to California's lien and construction laws effective January 1, 2012.[read more]

January 04, 2012

Building Energy Disclosure Requirements Delayed (Again)

Chuck Trainor authors article on additional delay for new law that requires California building owners and operators to disclose the energy consumption of commercial buildings.[read more]

June 22, 2011

Will Your Family Business Succeed? Plan For the Next Generation to Keep Your Values Intact!

William Davis authors article on the importance of succession planning for family businesses to continue into the next generation.[read more]

April 25, 2011

Landlords Can't Have Their Cake and Eat it Too!

Alison Geddes authors article regarding the importance of using common sense when demanding a tenant's strict compliance with terms of a commercial lease. [read more]

April 06, 2011