"Santana Row Row" Leads to $16M+ Judgment!!

Charles Trainor authors article on the importance of clearly specifying whether your letters of intent are binding.[read more]

March 03, 2011

Reduced Estate and Gift Tax Rates Present Creative Opportunities in 2011

Bill Davis authors article on estate and gift tax opportunities in 2011.[read more]

January 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like... $5 Million Exemption & Maximum Rate of 35%

Bill Davis authors article on the proposed estate tax compromise legislation through 2013. [read more]

December 07, 2010

2011 and 2012 Bring Important Changes to California Mechanics' Lien Laws

Gary Funamura and Dan Steinberg author article on changes to California Mechanic's Lien Law.[read more]

December 02, 2010

Shopping Center Landlords Beware: Review Your Access Rules

Nancy Hotchkiss authors article on recent case that was a defeat for shopping center landlords who seek to restrict access by third parties attempting to communicate with the shopping center patron...[read more]

October 12, 2010

Owner's And Contractor's Protection Expanded By Supreme Court Ruling

Gary Funamura and Dan Steinberg author article on recent California Supreme Court ruling.[read more]

September 09, 2010