ADA Defense Advice

Service animals, most commonly dogs, do amazing things for the humans they ...
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Does Your Lease Terminate Upon the Tenant’s Death?

Unless you work in the areas of estate planning, insurance sales or ...
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The Dangers in Losing Track of Personal Guaranties

Did you know that most loans require the death of a borrower ...
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The Risks Associated with Medicinal Marijuana Trade Tenants

The marijuana trade has been receiving considerable press lately as more state ...
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A Lesson on Successfully Limiting “Free Speech” in Your Shopping Center

Every retail property of any size has had to deal with unwelcome ...
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Ross Dress For Less Loses Its Shirt In Cotenancy Clause Fight

Our firm has watched the law regarding cotenancy provisions evolve for many ...
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The Rules of Foreclosure Must be Strictly Followed

Recently, the Court of Appeal reversed a judgment for judicial foreclosure where ...
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The Mitigation Defense in a Breach of Lease Action

Last year, Joe, the proprietor of Joe's Donut Shop, wasn't paying his ...
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Agency Disclosure for Brokers

It has long been the law in California that residential brokers are ...
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So Long Privacy!

If you buy or sell commercial real estate, you are familiar with ...
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