Wasted on Del Paso Boulevard!

A new and interesting Court of Appeal case was decided yesterday that ...
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Building Energy Disclosure Requirements – Could It Really Be Happening This Time?

As you know from my previous bulletins on this topic, at some ...
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Preparing for Increased Estate Taxes by Taking Action!

What will happen to estate taxes in 2013? I wish I had ...
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Tverberg V. Fillner Revisited (Again) — (General Contractor Liability Times Four!)

In September 2010, I last reported on the continuing saga of Tverberg ...
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Dollars to Doughnuts, Exculpatory Clauses in Commercial Leases are a Good Bet

Every lease is a calculated gamble. Will the tenant perform its end ...
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Are You Ready for the Overhaul of California’s Lien and Construction Laws?

SB293: Important Interim Changes To Public Works Prompt Payments, Retentions, Bond Claim ...
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Building Energy Disclosure Requirements Delayed (Again)

The disclosure of energy requirements to tenants, buyers and lenders on California ...
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Will Your Family Business Succeed? Plan For the Next Generation to Keep Your Values Intact!

You've spent a substantial portion of your life building the family business ...
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Landlords Can’t Have Their Cake and Eat it Too!

Even if a lease doesn't give tenants the right to do something, ...
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“Santana Row Row” Leads to $16M+ Judgment!!

We have written many times before about the importance of clearly specifying ...
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