Trusts and Estates

Life is constantly evolving and circumstances arise that may cause the need for an estate plan. Our Trusts and Estates attorneys provide a comprehensive evaluation of each client’s personal goals and financial situation, in order to develop a customized plan for each client. We utilize not only traditional estate planning vehicles, but also innovative techniques that integrate personal estate planning goals with a client’s business and financial plans.

  • Preservation and Accumulation of Wealth
  • Income for Retirement
  • Financial Security for Loved Ones
  • Reduction in Estate Taxes
  • Avoidance of Probate Fees
  • Estate Liquidity
  • Successor Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Health Care Planning
  • Charitable Giving

The proper administration of an estate can minimize any disputes between beneficiaries and minimize the risk to the administrator. Unfortunately, not all administrations are straightforward. Our attorneys bring the proper sensitivity to disputes regarding the administration of a Will or Trust and when appropriate attempt to seek resolution without litigation. Such services include:

  • Trust Administration
  • Business and Asset Valuation Disputes
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • Undue Influence Claims

When litigation is appropriate, our attorneys will perform a complete review of your case and develop a strategy that meets your objectives. From alternative dispute resolution options, including mediation, to complex litigation and trial, our attorneys will seek the most efficient course of action that meets your needs. Such services include:

  • Trust Disputes
  • Will Contests
  • Probate and Estate Litigation
  • Removal of Fiduciaries
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation